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Important Tips/Information  

-Please check your child's take-home folder nightly.  Clean out old papers, and ensure that homework is completed independently, signed, and returned the next day.  Please promptly complete and return any forms which require your attention.


-Please return an excuse following your child's absence.    If an excuse is not received the absence is considered unexcused.   


-Discuss the school day with your child.  Review the work that comes home.


-Ensure your child is getting enough rest.  It's a long school day!



-If your child is ordering breakfast/lunch at school please review the menu daily so your child will know what to order.


-Money sent to school for any purpose should be sealed in an envelope and labeled with your child's name and purpose.


-Read, read, read to your child every day!


-Never forget that YOU are your child's first teacher.